About 1 hour from Kyoto Station

  • Visiting by car

    About 35 minutes north from Kyoto on Route 162
    Turn right at the Shuzan intersection and drive about 15 minutes on Route 477 toward Kuroda

    *When coming by car navigation system, please be careful to avoid the route that passes through Route 361 (Kibune route), because the road is very narrow.

  • Visiting by bus

    About 1 hour 20 minutes by Shuzan (JR bus) from JR Kyoto Station
    About 25 minutes from Shuzan to Haiyaguchi (Keihoku Furusato Bus)

  • Visiting by cab

    Estimated cab fare is approximately 10,000 yen one-way from Kyoto Station.
    *Cab fares may vary depending on the cab company and traffic conditions, so please check with the cab company in advance. list

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