KYOTO × Clear stream× Glamping
"A moment" to integrate yourself with nature of Kyoto

Enjoy a relaxing moment by the riverside of the clear stream
A private space where you won't be disturbed by anyone

Riverside x glamping,
nestled in a crystal-clear stream which is rich in nature
Dining space equipped with facilities for year-round comfort
Offering a splendid view of the clear stream,
the guest room bath heals your everyday fatigue.
With renting the whole building,
you can relax in a spacious living space.
Enjoy the extraordinary experience of spending time in Keihoku area,
a completely different world from historical Kyoto.


Seven attractions of RETOUR KYOTO

Keihoku-cho, the back room of Kyoto.
Known as “Forest of Kyoto”, it is loved as a seperate world that has supported history of Kyoto
The headwaters of the Hozu River/Katsura River flow through this land,
which is in harmony with nature and is a scenic area overflowed with the blessings of the mountains.
We would like to introduce the charm of RETOUR KYOTO,
which is surrounded by nature in all its seasonal glory.
Private rooms of one rented building nestled by a clear stream.
Enjoy a moment of "relaxation" in a quiet land surrounded by the murmur of the river and the chirping of birds.

Glamping villa and lodge

The back room of Kyoto, one hour from the central Kyoto
Enjoy clear stream x outdoors
Glamping villa and lodge

outdoor dining space

Enjoy with family and loved ones
Each building
has individual outdoor dining space

In-room hot spring baths

Forest×Clear Stream×Healing bath time
Enjoy a relaxing hot spring bath anytime you like
In-room hot spring baths

Enjoy BBQ with Kyoto's unique cooking style

Glamping BBQ with charcoal fire
Kyoto vegetables and salt-grilled young sweetfish
Enjoy BBQ with Kyoto's unique cooking style

Outdoor sauna

Integrate with nature
Outdoor sauna


Having fun in the river and experience other activities
unique to Keihoku, Kyoto

Full amenities

Enjoy a glamping resort stay
Full amenities

Glamping Villa

Glamping Villa

All rooms are in a great location facing a clear stream.



A log cabin-style lodge featuring the warmth of wood.



We offer locally produced and locally consumed dishes made from the rich ingredients of Kyoto's Keihoku area.
You can enjoy a variety of dishes prepared over charcoal in the comfort of your room, including salt-grilled young sweetfish raised in the clear waters of Kyoto.

Surrounding Sightseeing

We will offer you sightseeing information around Keihoku,
"Forest of Kyoto", which is full of history and nature.


  • Visiting by car

    About 35 minutes north from Kyoto on Route 162
    Turn right at the Shuzan intersection and drive about 15 minutes on Route 477 toward Kuroda

    ※When coming by car navigation system, please be careful to avoid the route that passes through Route 361 (Kibune route), because the road is very narrow.

  • Visiting by bus

    About 1 hour 20 minutes by Shuzan (JR bus) from JR Kyoto Station
    About 25 minutes from Shuzan to Haiyaguchi (Keihoku Furusato Bus)

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