Quad (4-wheel ATV) Experience Tour

You can enjoy Quad (4-wheel ATV) Experience Tour.

The activity tour allows you to experience a quad (4-wheel ATV) riding while fully enjoying the Satoyama scenery of Keihoku. An instructor will accompany you and drive at a speed based on your skill level, so even beginners can enjoy the tour.

Since you will be driving on public roads with slightly heavy traffic or bumpy roads, a certain level of driving skill is required, such as having experience driving a car or riding a motorcycle on a regular basis.

※The photos are for reference only.

Official HP
Quad tour (approx. 2h) 13,200 yen

Please contact the following directly if you wish to join the tour.
≪Kyoto Keihoku Quad Tour≫
TEL. : 080-2433-0105

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(Reception time 10:00-18:00)